Castle Commerce Center

Project Description:

The Center is a 1,912 acre multi-modal facility that was built and operated as an Air Force base from 1941-1995. Since the base closure the facility has been owned and operated by Merced County and currently houses Castle Airport featuring an 11,800′ runway, an AT&T Call Center, flight training facility, lumber company and a high tech giant testing self-driving vehicles. The Center is also home to dozens of local business operations and support type facilities. VVH has been the primary consultant for the Center providing Land Surveying and Civil Engineering services in support of future development projects. VVH has worked closely with Merced County Planning staff preparing property legal descriptions and plat mapping to create parcels being sold to private parties.

Castle Commerce Center, Castle AFB

Atwater, CA

Merced County

Year Completed:

VVHCE Staff:
Chris Vierra, Ryan Vance, Michael Hayes, Brian Veitch, Syd Halterman